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Topic: My contest piece--don't fall asleep!

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    My contest piece--don't fall asleep!

    Hi everyone,

    here is a link to a few things I've done with GPO, including my contest submission "Fantasia for Orchestra."


    If you can, try to stream it using the "hi fi" link.

    Thanks for listening!

    Richard Galbraith

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    Re: My contest piece--don't fall asleep!

    Hi Rich, one thing is for shure, I certainly did not fall asleep. I can say but one word: BEAUTIFULL.
    Keep posting.

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    Re: My contest piece--don't fall asleep!

    In the Fantasia for Orchestra, I especially enjoyed the harp and the use of percussion and pizzicato. It had a very unique style to it, I can't quite place it, but I like how it slowly builds up, and somehow finds its way back to just those beautiful woodwinds, which you managed to blend very well and give very nice dynamics. I'll have to come back and listen to some other pieces, thanks for sharing!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Hi, Rich - -

    The piece certainly does live up to the title of "Fantasy" -- episode, stream-of-consciousness wandering, diversity of tempos and instrumentation (and very cinematic along the way). It certainly shows off GPO in a good light. (I've bookmarked your SoundClick page so I can come back and hear more!)


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    Re: My contest piece--don't fall asleep!

    Thanks for the comments!

    Thank you Gerard for staying awake.

    Sean, I'm glad you liked the woodwinds. I love GPO's woodwinds! Actually, I am also very glad you thought it was in some way unique.

    Kevin, I'm flattered if you bookmarked my soundclick page, only I hope my rather meager output doesn't disappoint you. Not only do I work slowly, but the nature of my job ensures that I can devote maybe 1 hour every 1 to 2 weeks towards working with GPO. Therefore, I have to admit that nothing on my page, including the Fantasia, is actually finished. I'm moving this summer and starting a new job, so at some point I'll actually have a little studio to work in, and maybe more time as well.

    For anyone interested, everything I've done is done with my wife's standard Dell computer, 1.25 gb RAM, mouse, little speakers, and the wonderful contents of the package Gary Garritan sent me a little over a year ago (GPO, Cubasis, Overture). Quite frankly, I'm still amazed that we all can do what we're doing on these home computers!
    Richard Galbraith

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