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Topic: Second PC for video playback only (slightly off topic)

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    Question Second PC for video playback only (slightly off topic)

    Video playback in Cubase SX2.2 seems to work ok with GPO and other VSTIs when I play low resolution videos. However, it would be nice to look at better quality video when scoring to a picture, which for sure eventually will affect also audio. I have been thinking of adding a second computer for video playback only so that Cubase would be the master and the second computer with another screen playing the video would be the slave. I have done lots of searches here and other forums and sites with little success, so now I turn to the nice people here.

    Has anybody done this already? My idea was simply to stripe one audio track in Cubase with SMPTE code and feed this to the slave computer running a video playback software, but does such a program exist? I don't need any video editing, simple playback would be enough. So when I start Cubase the video would start according to the timecode position. Would this work and with what software/hardware? SMPTE? MTC? Any other suggestions? How do you real pros out there with LARGE videoscreens do this?



    Cubase SX 2.2 for PC / Windows XP /AMD 2200XP/ 2 gigs / GPO / EWQL Gold / Albino2 / Kontakt 1.5 / Majestic etc

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    Talking Re: Second PC for video playback only (slightly off topic)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen

    IT'S GREAT TO HAVE ANOTHER FINN HERE! (I assume "Lehtonen" is Finnish!).

    My dad's side of the family is German, so that's how I got my goofy forum name.

    Good to be here and yes I'm a finn . Haven't posted too much but I do browse the forum daily.

    Ernstinen, your forum name really sounds a lot like a regular finnish surname (many of them ending with letters "nen") but AFAIK isn't one. Maybe we could say that it is written in "finglish" or maybe "germish" ...?


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    Re: Second PC for video playback only (slightly off topic)

    If we can find somebody to write a VST that can play video it would be great. I am thinking something in the line of useing FX Teleport to link the sequencer computer (I use Sonar 4PE) with a VST instrument. Only sync messages need to be send over FXT and will take a minimum of bandwidth.

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