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Topic: Sustain pedal on piano with GPO

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    Sustain pedal on piano with GPO

    I am using sibelius. I have a score which uses piano. Sibelius has pedal markings that have audible effect when played through the microsoft synth, but when played through the Steinway in GPO, have no effect. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Sustain pedal on piano with GPO

    Go into the GPO options panel by clicking on the options button and for the 'Sustain/Sustunato Pedal Mode' set it to Normal Sustain/Sustenuto Operation. By default it is set to Legato mode for the strings, brass, woodwinds, etc. Remember to turn it off for non-piano works as this will cause problems with the other instruments in the library. There is currently no way to have seperate options for this, especially in GPO Studio.

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    Re: Sustain pedal on piano with GPO

    Thanks! Sounds great.

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