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Topic: start-up template

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    start-up template

    hi guys, i searched the forums but couldn't find any info about this

    when i start my computer i have to wait till windows loads and then i have to start up kontakt or halion to be able to play my piano. what i'd like to do is to power my daw and have it automatically load kontakt, or perhaps a cubase template. this would save me some precious time.

    thanx in advance.

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    Re: start-up template

    The only thing that I can think of is to add these programs to your startup folder. But I've never done it so I don't know if it will work.

    Anybody else?



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    Re: start-up template

    You can certainly have your DAW start right up by putting it in the Startup folder, but unless your software has a built in feature to load up a preferred/default template Windows can't help you there, you would still have to do that by hand. But I guess maybe Cubase or the others might have that feature? (Don't know, don't use the progs you mentioned in your initial post)

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    Re: start-up template

    Cubase allows you to save multiple "template" files. One of them is called Default, but I've never actually tried writing over that one. And in any case (come to think of it) it would only get used when you say "New Project."

    That said, there might be some command-line option or something. A Cubase board might be the way to figure this one out. (Or ask Alan L... he's Joe Cubase... )

    - Stefan

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    Re: start-up template

    thank you guys

    i found the way to do it: add a direct access to the file (mine is called piano.cpr) and then move it to the startup folder. then i start my daw and voila! it opens the piano template in cubase.

    i highly reccomend this. it is a great way to save time.


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    Re: start-up template

    In the old DOS-times you could for instance type
    "logic file.arr" and it would open file.arr in Logic. That should still be possible in Windows XP etc.

    Of course your solution is a shortcut to that :-)


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    Re: start-up template

    Is there a way to pause/delay the apps as they start up? Maybe using the command style approach?

    I used to have it setup so that my GS3 machines would auto-load upon startup (cuz template loading always takes the longest), but had to stop because of the VSL PerformanceTool needing just a tiny second longer to load before GS, otherwise they load nearly simultaneously and the VSL Tool won't relay info to GS properly until the system is rebooted.

    So I do it manually still...

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