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Topic: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

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    GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    I have finally completed and uploaded the full GigaAngklung staccato and sustain samples. This version contains four velocity levels controlled through the following gigastudio parameters:

    1. Normal velocity layering ( p, mp, mf, f) for both staccato and sustain patches
    2. Keyswitching between staccato and sustain patches
    3. Modwheel control for more expressive playing

    Here are a couple more more demos:

    Demo 1 (Using MW patch)
    Chopsticks (Using KS patch)

    Demos with orchestration:
    Singkil II
    Pong Pong Ginapong

    This version is for GS2.5 and GS3. I still do not know if it can translate well into Kontakt.

    GigaAnklung has been compressed into four files (WinRar) of about 50MB each. The total is 188MB. Uncompressed, it is 289MB. Since these files are so huge, I have decided on a sort of registration system so that I could control the number of daily downloads thus protecting my bandwidth usage: fill up the registration form and then I will add you to the user list with your own username and password. You can then log-in to download the files. I hope this isn't too complicated and I hope you guys understand.

    For download, registration and more information about GigaAngklung, cllick here.

    Feel free to download and use GigaAngklung for your music compositions. I would also appreciate it if you let me know where and how you are using these samples.


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    This sounds amazing ! Thanks man
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!


    Great demos! I especially liked the second one. I can't wait to try your instrument - thanks for making it available to us! Oh, btw, what gamelan samples did you use?

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    Sound Great Nhick, good job. I might try to convert the samples to Kontakt myself when I get some spare time.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    Thank you for your messages, guys!

    I did 'process' the email requests that I received. Actually I didn't expect it to be this many! I think I will max out my bandwidth today if all that I authorized are going to download tonight! My daily limit is 5 gigabytes so I can only let a few in at a time.

    Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy the samples. I am not a giga expert but I tried my best to make it work according to what I know so far. If you have any suggestions/ corrections regarding the programming, please let me know.

    Looking forward to the Kontakt version, Scott! Thank you ahead of time!

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    A BIG thank you, Nhick!

    Actually, my favorite part of this new library: listening to all of Nhick's demos. I'm sitting here in a hotel room (on the road for a couple more days, then back to my new home in FLA )...

    I've listened to all these demo files at least twice each.

    And all I know is that I'm wearing one very big grin.

    I love these demos! Talk about way cool...

    Nhick, once I get home, I'll try translating them into Halion as well...

    x$, finally returning to forum life after a very long absence...

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    Fantastic sounds!! I'll wait a day or two to ease up the congestion...

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    Been awhile since I visited your site, Nhick. You've got some seriously good music there.
    Robert Gregory Browne
    KISS HER GOODBYE (now available)
    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
    St. Martin's Press

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    Thank you very much. I've really enjoyed the earlier stacatto version.
    Can't wait to use the new one.

    I sure miss having a fast connection... I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though.

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    Re: GigaAngklung Is Complete and Ready!

    Great stuff Nhick! Thanks for sharing the Angklung! I'll be combining it with my own Gamelan Suling Flute.

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