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Topic: New to GPO: Two Demos

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    Red face New to GPO: Two Demos

    Hi all,

    I'm now a proud GPOwner and all I can say is WOW. I'm loving it--thank you Mr. Garritan for such a marvelous library. Here are two efforts I finally feel confident in sharing. Please comment, constructively criticize, etc...

    The Single Bullet Theory



    Best Regards,
    Ric Zimmerman

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    Thumbs up Re: New to GPO: Two Demos

    Hi, Ric - -

    Rather amazing that you can get such very pleasant results right out of the gate! It is pretty spectacular what Gary and crew have brought forth with GPO and what a lasting effect it will have on the creative community.

    Very nice depth to your orchestra and very pleasant scoring and themes on “The Single Bullet Theory” (not sure that I heard that thought in the piece but perhaps I’m missing part of “the movie”). Nice interplay between the woodwinds, percussion, harp, and strings. Very cinematic in feel. Some very pleasing contrasts in the final minute (along with some risky parallelism). Bravo!

    The “Untitled” piece didn’t start out as compelling as the first. For me, the device of the lead flutes and twirling strings underneath somehow didn’t feel as satisfying as the structure of the first piece. The sound spectrum of your orchestra here also didn’t sound as broad and there seems to be a mostly missing “bottom”. In general, writing in this late romantic/cinematic style is less compelling when both the bottom and top lines move generally up (together) or down. By contrast, outward (both extremes growing in opposite directions) or inward movement is generally less of a sonic distraction. I’m sure there is a music theory “rule” about this somewhere, but I’ve forgotten it - - which is not to say that any of this commentary qualifies as an academic appraisal!

    On the whole, though, two very auspicious “debuts” to the GPO audience! It’s hard to be 100% “constructive” but I hope that I’ve balanced my “critique” in a manner which helps your future efforts. On the whole, all of us as composers are seeking our own “voice” and part of that struggle is to break rules on the way to finding that.

    Go, ye, and break!


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    Re: New to GPO: Two Demos

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed both pieces. The first one has kind of an "Elfman" feel to it which I loved. The second one was very nice as well. Nice melody and string work. Please continue to share!

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    Re: New to GPO: Two Demos

    Ricz, nice writing!


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    Re: New to GPO: Two Demos

    Thanks for the comments and criticism guys!

    The little voices in my head are singing four-part harmony.

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    Re: New to GPO: Two Demos

    Hi Ric,

    Welcome to the GPO Community and glad you joined our forum!

    Thanks for posting these works on this thread. Your work is exceptional. I agree with Kevin about the nice interplay between the various instruments and the pleasing contrasts. Great balance and orchestration skills.

    I am looking forward to hearing more of you work.

    Gary Garritan

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