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Topic: Your orchestra

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    Your orchestra

    This isn't meant to start any flame wars over which developer is the best. It's just a query as to what samples you use for different instrument choirs of the orchestra for maximum realism. Here's mine.

    Piccolo- EWQLSO Gold/Silver
    Flute- VGL for solo, EW Gold for ensemble
    Oboe- Gold for trills/staccato, VGL for legato, Gold for ensembles
    English Horn- Advanced Orchestra
    Bassoon- Gold
    Contrabassoon- Gold
    Clarinet- VGL for solo, Gold for ensemble
    Bass CLarinet- Gold
    Horns- Gold for ensembles, SAM Solo Sessions for solo
    Trumpets- same as above
    TenorTrombones- ditto
    Bass Trombones-ditto
    Tuba- ditto
    Cimbasso- SAM Solo Sessions
    Timpani- Gold, SAM Triple Strike
    Marimba- upcoming EWQLSO Pro
    Vibes- Gold
    Chimes- Silver
    Xylophone- Gold/Silver
    Glockenspiel- Gold
    Bass Drum- SAM Triple Strike, Gold
    Snare- SAM, Gold
    Toms- SAM
    Cymbals- SAM, Gold
    Harp- VGL or Gold depending on setting
    Piano- Steinway on Silver or RD300SX preset #1
    Celeste- upcoming EWQLSO Pro, Project SAM
    Violins- HALion String Edition, VGL, Gold, Prime Sounds Session Strings (depending on articulation)
    Violas- ditto above
    Celli- ditto

    Was this post necessary? Probably not but it would interesting to see what folks use. I'll sum my "orchestra" up.

    I find EWQLSO Gold and Silver excellent for big, lush sounding orchestrations. Particularly strong in the brass and percussion sections. Large celli and bass sections are particularly warm and vacuous.

    Project SAM rules for brass as well as percussion. Solo Sessions has the most expressive French Horns that I've played.

    Vienna Giga Library is surprisingly flexible and great sounding. Love the solo flute and harp for smaller ensemble settings. with Gigapulse it rocks. Also the string sounds, while not presented with a huge range of articulations, have a nice bite to them for more aggressive or chamber work.

    HALion String Edition has good downbow spiccato articulations. The legato strings with the cross-fade mod wheel to change volume and attack works very well. A bit wonky on my computer though so I don't use it often.

    Wish list- love to get Opus 1 and French Oboe from VSL. Love to get EWQLSC for choral work. Love to get 110 real musicians and a hall to play everything I throw at them with no complaints. The last one might be a little out of my price range

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Good idea for a post -- probably many of us mix and match depending on taste and habit and accident -- I certainly do. Will work on mine, but begin with


    Flute: Kurzweil 2600R orchestral rom 'solo flute' and 'orchestral flute'
    Piccolo, alto flute: haven't been using them currently
    Oboe: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds (oboe 1)
    Seidleczek Advanced Orchestra (oboe 2)
    less favored alternates in EWQLSO gold, VSO
    English Horn DD Solo woodwinds
    Clarinet: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds (clarinet 1)
    Kurzweil 2600R orchestral rom 'orchestral clarinet' (clarinet 2)
    Bass Clarinet: haven't called for one recently ...
    Bassoon: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds (bassoon 1)
    Kurzweil 2600R orchestral rom 'orchestral bassooon' (bassoon 2)
    Contra-Bassoon: haven't called for one recently ...

    Brass (DD brass ensembles mostly), percussion, strings to come

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by dcoscina
    Project SAM rules for brass as well as percussion.
    What are the main ways in which you find Project SAM brass better than the brass in EWQL Gold?

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Piccolo - Opus 1
    Flute - Opus 1
    Oboe - Opus 1 (though I intend on replacing it with the French Oboe)
    English horn - Opus 1 (again, I want to replace it with the one from the French Oboe Horizon library)
    Clarinet - Opus 1
    Bass clarinet - Opus 1 (It's combined with the regular clarinet patch, though. I may occasionally pull out the EWQLSO Silver bass clarinet if I need the full range)
    Bassoon - Opus 1 (The legato bassoon patches are rivaled only by the legato clarinet patches, IMO)
    Contrabassoon - same case as with the bass clarinet.

    Horn ensemble - Epic Horns, SAM Horns when I want a slightly smaller sound.
    Horn solo - mostly SAM, with a legato line from Opus 1 when necessary.
    Trumpet ensemble - Opus 1
    Trumpet solo - SAM
    Trombone ensemble - Opus 1 or SAM
    Trombone solo - SAM
    Tuba - usually SAM
    Cimbasso - SAM, though I don't actually use it as a cimbasso, I use it to give a little more girth to the trombones and/or tuba.

    Percussion varies too much for me to really give a standard setup. I do like Opus 1's cresc/dim patches for the timpani a lot, though.

    Harp - Opus 1

    All strings are Opus 1, augmented occasionally by EWQLSO Silver.

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Piccolo- Westgate, Xsample
    Flute- Westgate, VGS, Xsample
    Oboe- Westgate, VGS, Xsample
    English Horn- Xsample, VGS, Westgate
    Bassoon- Xsample, VGS, Westgate
    Contrabassoon- Xsample
    Eb Clarinet- Westgate
    Bb Clarinet- Xsample, Westgate
    Bass Clarinet- Westgate
    Brass: SAM sections & solo
    except when needed dry: Xsample (highly tweakable) & Front Porch Tuba
    Timpani- SAM True Strike
    Marimba- SAM True Strike
    Vibes- SAM True Strike, Xsample
    Chimes- SAM True Strike, LOP
    Xylophone- SAM True Strike, LOP, Xsample
    Glockenspiel- SAM True Strike, LOP
    Bass Drum- SAM True Strike, LOP
    Snare- SAM True Strike, LOP
    Toms- SAM True Strike
    Cymbals- SAM True Strike, LOP
    Anvils - SAM True Strike, G-town
    Harp- Xsample, VGS
    Piano- Gigapiano2, demos from GS3 discs
    Celeste- True Strike, Xsample
    Strings- GOS, VGS, SISS GS3 Sordino

    I also like to fill my mockups with Ethnic sounds like my own RAW sounds, EthnoWorld2 and Early Patches.

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Gold brass are very good. But the Project SAM stuff is a little richer. Fuller. More responsive to velocity. For ensemble situations, Gold is excellent. But for smaller groupings or solo work, Project SAM is my choice. I love their Solo Sessions. They sound fantastic on Gigastudio 3.

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Wow, thanks guys! It truly is an honour te see so many SAM instruments in your orchestral templates! That means a lot to us.

    PS: dcoscina, nice naming variation you had there ("Tripple Strike"?) One strike isn't enough for ya?

    All the best,

    Creative Director
    Cinematic Sampling

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Oops. Yeah, I was at work when I typed this....

    It's the thought that counts though! And Maarten, no matter what libraries I buy from East West, Vienna Symphony or whatever, your sounds will always have a place in my compositions. Truly extraordinary work!

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Everything - VSL

    Percussion, odds 'n ends - Soundfonts.

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    Re: Your orchestra

    Wow, I dont think I have the patience to type out a list like you guys did.

    My main lib is EWQLSO Gold.

    Enhanced with GOS (e.g. Bartok Pizz), GPO (marimba, bass drum), Sam Horns and Bones, G-Town, and Atmosphere (strings).

    Ive probably missed some too.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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