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Topic: ot: metheny score

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    ot: metheny score

    If you goto www.patmethenygroup.com you can download a piece of the score for The Way Up. Are there any other places where you can get this type of quicktime file of a score to learn/study? Anyone selling this type of thing? (download the large file. It's easier to read.)

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    Re: ot: metheny score

    Pat Metheny's music will always resonate with me. I was first introduced to his music when my dad bought The Falcon and The Snowman. At the time, I was primarily listening to Tangerine Dream with a smattering of Emerson, Lake and Palmer having just gotten into MIDI keyboards in 1985. Metheny's music was such a divergence from TD. Chord progressions every bar or second beat. Lush arrangements and beautiful guitar playing. Being a keyboard player, I instantly loved Lyle Mays' full compings and voicings, along with his tasteful solos. I bought First Circle soon after and still think it's the best Metheny Group offering, although that's a personal taste. Still Life Talking was also a great album and I managed to see Metheny's tour that year twice (an encore performance in Toronto, the first in August and then returning in November of 1987).

    Just to point out that Lyle Mays' first solo album is a must have. An amazing collection of compositions.

    Metheny and Mays are a great songwriting duo too. Long live the Pat Metheny Group!

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    Re: ot: metheny score

    I have to say Mr. Metheney's solo album "Seceret Story" released in 1992 remains my all time favorite album even to this day. I never get tired of hearing it. To me, he seems to have this ability to create the perfect melody to go with any harmony and visa-versa.

    P.S. Here is a link to some Metheny midi files:



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