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Topic: Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

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    Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

    Is there an approximate date? I'm waiting for this product to be released so that I can remove my hardware synth (E-mu APS) and would like to plan accordingly.

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    Re: Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

    Hmmm, a fare question. Yet, Good things come to those who wait … patiently! It's still in the final stages from what I understand. The greatest aspect of this is Gary and his teams’ commitment on getting it to the completion stage giving the customer a product of un-compromised quality and use!
    I'm resolved to wait as long as it takes. I know this doesn't calm the anticipation within you but relax...

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    Re: Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

    It's official: you can buy your copy on April 31.

    (trouble being there is no April 31! )

    - m
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    Re: Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

    April fools...

    I'd say the Big Band & Jazz should arrive in about June, with GPO Advanced coming about July or August.

    Trust me, projects like this take time to finish, and while both of these products are in the final stages of development, they are still being polished and that is going to take time. I'd say 3-4 months. I'd say these projects have been going for almost a couple of years, possibly even before GPO was released.

    One thing I can tell you, it's going to be truly awesome. Somebody told me a couple weeks ago that the saxes sounded better and were more expressive than the dedicated sax libraries, so that's a good sign.

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    Re: Approximate date for Jazz & Big Band Collection

    One question I've been meaning to ask is.....

    Will the Jazz Lib include a drumkit patch with instruments organised along the lines of a GM card on ch.10?

    The reason I ask is that I want to get my drumkit sequencing chops nicely in shape, but i don't want to create a bunch of midi drumtracks which aren't compatible with how the Jazz lib drumkit is set up.

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