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Topic: What's a 'sticky'?

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    What's a 'sticky'?

    I see that thread that says "Sticky: GPO support page with tutorials"
    This thread is always at the top of the list, as is all the other 'stickies' on all other sections of the fourm.
    What's a 'sticky?

    My appologies for the off-topic thread.


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    Re: What's a 'sticky'?

    Quote Originally Posted by cptexas
    What's a 'sticky?
    Hi, Chris...

    As you've observed, Sticky threads always stay at the top of the forum, this is so that they don't move down and "out of sight" as more topics and threads are posted with newer timestamps.

    A forum administrator, or moderator, can apply this attribute to a topic if he/she feels the it should remain near the "top" of the forum list.

    Hope this makes sense!
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: What's a 'sticky'?

    Thanks, Steve

    It's very clear to me now!


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    Re: What's a 'sticky'?

    Yep, what Stebe said, and if I were a moderator, I'd meke all my posts stickys.


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