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Topic: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

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    Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    I have about 24 hours to decide if the Yamaha KX88 will meet my needs. I basically need to know, from an advanced classical pianist's viewpoint, if this keyboard in any way feels 'just like' a grand piano. Some say since this thing is 20 years old, digital keyboard actions have come a long way and there is better out there, but I can't find any such product that is a midi-controller only that has action comparable to what people say the KX88 has.

    This thing has wooden keys right? And is pretty heavy, no? (both are good things for me). Also, are the keys progressively weighted (i.e. heavier at the bottom and lighter at the top)?

    And finally, does this employ a true hammer action, where real hammers counter-balance the keys and actually strike upwards as the keys move down? Or is it simply a very fancy metal spring mechanism designed to feel like grand piano hammers?


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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    My answer is almost useless, since I don't own a KX88 - I have more questions really, since I would also be looking for a full length full hammer action controller.
    Based on the pictures I have seen online, I don't see how it can have a real hammer action? It is too slim, but maybe the photo is deceiving.
    Are these actually still in production, or are they only available used?

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    Post Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    Yamaha stopped making these in.... 1989 I think

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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    I've been around kx88s since the late eighties and I always found the action to be excellent in terms of a real piano (I studied classical). The midi options are pretty limited by today's standards, but the action is very good in my opinion. It's heavy as heck, but then again so is a grand. But don't forget that no matter how good the action the fact is there are no hammers connected to the keys so your technique will have to adjust accordingly as will the pararmeters of your soundsource to suit your touch.

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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    Here is all I could find about the KX88:


    I would be surprised if the keyboard action is better than current products.

    With regards to a midi generating piano with a real feel, the "cheapest" alternative would probably be the Disklavier "GranTouch" digital grands, which use an actual, real grand piano keyboard.


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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    I do own the KX88 and I must say that I'm pretty fond of it.
    Though I must also confess, that I'm just a "learner" getting
    lessons from my girl-friend (having gotten e-organ and
    keyboard lessons in my teenage years ;-)

    She likes it pretty well for a midi-keyboard, but obviously
    prefers her acoustic.

    Like myself she likes the Kawai MP9500 better than the KX88,
    but I bought the latter for about 300 Euros instead of 2000
    for the Kawai - so for that money it's a good deal - much
    better than the fatar-stuff I have played on at last Musik
    Messe in Frankfurt.


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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling
    Owned and used a KX-88 for years ...personally I found the action to be a bit sluggish or slow ( on key-up response ). Programming the KX functions is all done in Hex code ....so make sure you get an owners manual! But, it's built like a tank ... un-like how hardware midi controllers are built now!
    Your sluggish upkey response comment unlodged something in my memory - I think I actually have played on a KX-88... the keys were not so much heavy as resistant... not at all like a hammer action... and the upkey response was very problematic... no Well Tempered Klavier on this controller.

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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    I've had a KX88 since the early nineties. It is very reliable (and also quite heavy.) Midi implimentation is archaic but functional. This was Ray Charles' favorite controller. Assuming the instrument has been well maintained it remains a very strong choice of a keyboard controller despite it's age.

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    Re: Advanced pianist's reviews on Yamaha KX88 wanted.

    I've found the Roland A 80 to be the best action.

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