First let me say to PapaChalk and DeSound that of all the forums and BBs I've seen, which by the way haven’t been many, the ns forum is the most sophisticated and easy to use of any. But of course as I post here sometimes almost daily there is one thing that keeps me from getting the most out of it. I thought I might ask you all if you have the same problem as me and if so if there could be any revision to the interface of this wonderful forum that might solve it.

About the coolest thing of it's interface is that it remembers the posts I've seen, and I can go and pick up right where I have left off since the last time I was here. As long as I'm active it still remembers what I've read. However like many of you, I'm sure, I often leave the forum open while doing other things like having to answer the phone, only to find that when I return, the thing has timed out and I have to search through many posts so that I don't miss something. When GPO was young it didn’t make too much difference, but now that we sometimes get as many as 100 posts a day this has become quite a problem for me.

To my thinking it would be so cool if there could be a little button, perhaps at the top of each page, that would stall this time out while I was on the phone or composing my thoughts for a lengthy post. I have no clue if anything like this could be implemented and I’m grateful for what we have. I just wonder if this affects any of you and if it does if there couldn't be something done about it. Or maybe I'm missing something in the interface and there already is a way of doing this, and if this is the case, I will just pick up my tent and steal sheepishly away into the night.


P.S. Ah shucks, It did it again.