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Topic: Peter Roos!

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    Peter Roos!


    Gut feelings on IR programs...

    I've looked at Voxengo's Pristine Space and I guess what bothers me the most is that there is no IR library there. I've looked at Waves IR Lite and the biggest selling point there 'is' the library. I am using SIR solely for convolution right now (or the convolution in Samplitude depending on where I'm working.) I love Voxengo and it's killing me to use SIR. But why pay 149 bucks for the plug alone and still end up using freeware IR's or buying commercial ones separately.? So what's your gut feeling on this?

    So here's an idea from me to you... Have you looked at some sort of collaboration with Aleskay to include your library with his plug for an increased price? You seem to be a pretty avid supporter of his products, so I'm wondering if this isn't a good match. Just something to look at.

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    Hi Joseph!

    Originally I planned to include the demo version of Pristine Space on my discs, but I guess the people interested in my IR already have a fully operational convolution plugin. And Aleksey is also very fast with posting new and even better versions.

    But thanks very much for the idea, I am surely interested in other approaches for marketing these and new IR's. For next products I am thinking of more experimental, but nonetheless ultra-realistic IR's, by applying several combining and morphing processes.

    I will discuss this idea with Fokke van Saane and Aleksey Vaneev. Maybe we can work out a package that includes a good plugin, plus a pile of real spaces and good digital rev IR's. It would be indeed just like Space Designer, TL Space, or Waves IR1 Interesting idea.


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    Wink Re: Peter Roos!

    (more info later)

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    Thanks for the information Peter. I got to read your post before it disappeared. So you must have done a good job on the IR collection.

    I hope you and Voxengo can do something since I'd be very interested in getting a copy of his plug.

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    Re: Peter Roos!


    I have been approached by a certain company from Denmark - but I thought after mentioning it here, that it's not wise to get into details. So I removed the "tongue-in-cheek" remarks. Still, I see some acknowledgement for the quality of my IR's in this "case".

    I recommend that you download the free demo version of Pristine Space. It only has occasional dropouts, that are not obtrusive for your evaluation tests. Then get the free stereo-stereo Church IR set from my site www.Samplicity.com.

    I am currently working on what I call an "Ambience Explorer" - which is an 88 key sampler file with 3 source sounds, plus the spoken number of each patch, and dry, wet, wetter and fully wet versions of the 88 IR's.

    I believe this will be the best way of advertizing this product. People who are interested in specific applications may contact me. I have had some very positive reactions (and sales) by providing people with 1 or 2 specific test IR's to prove the quality of this library.

    Thanks again for your suggestions, cheers,

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    I have downloaded the demo IR from your site and I liked what I heard, but it was too verby for my tastes. I prefer a medium sized hall sound. I'm hoping too that using SIR didn't kill some of the sound of the IR. I'll download Pristine Space tonight and hear what I hear. It'd still be cool to get a bundle with Pristine Space, IR Modeller, the Deconvolver, and your IR set for a set price from one place. Oh well, we all have dreams, right?

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    I understand that, Joseph.

    Right after the launch I did not want to share one of the more usable Hall IR's.

    Maybe I really should, I will consider this. Still, I should not give away the "best" hall, so I would give away a "lesser" hall. Which would not show the "better" halls...

    So, I'm a bit puzzled what is a good approach...

    Actually I took the church one, because of the comparisons I made with a similar free version at the NoiseVault forum.

    For people who missed my post about it, here is still the comparison page about this Church IR:


    To be honest, I agree that a church reverb is rather unusable.

    I guess it's time for a new freebie (or if it's spelled "freebee": please educate me )

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    Its freebie, I believe. And now that you said it, I understand. There's no way to protect your files really, so why give away a really good one. Makes sense.

    Guess, I'll just have to get it at some point when there's money to burn.

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    Joseph, Pristine Space offers you high-quality impulse sets on the http://www.voxengo.com/pspace/ webpage - the fact they are offered right away does not mean these impulses are freeware.

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    Re: Peter Roos!

    Yes, I've seen them (haven't downloaded them yet.) And you're right, the fact that they're sitting there for anyone to download led me to believe they might be inferior to the commercially available IR's. I still stand firm that I see some benefit to a bundle from you guys though.

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