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Topic: Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra & Sonar 4

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    Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra & Sonar 4

    Hi! i've just installed Quantum Leap Symphomic Orchestra Library and i've registered it with Cakewalk VST adapter but in Sonar there's no way to hear sound coming from the VST.

    I assigned the instruments and channels (as I use to do with Garritan Personal Orchestra) but Garritan works and Quantum Leap not?

    Any help for me?


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    Re: Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra & Sonar 4

    Does EWQLSO show up in your VST instrument list or did you have to go looking in the effects menu?

    Make sure that the VST host actually registered QLSO as a dxi instrument. After you've run your scan check the entry in the plugin list. There should be checkmark a checkmark under the dxi instrument column.

    I noticed that, for some reason that for me this didn't happen automatically. You can select the QLSO entry and check the box to make it dxi manually.

    Don't know if this is what you're seeing, but it's something I've run accross with several of the Kompakt players.

    Another alternative is just use the dxi version.
    - Layne

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    Re: Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra & Sonar 4

    Thanks but it doesn't help me. I will try to describe avery passage i make.

    First of all the stand alone version of Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra works perfectly. For example i carge Clarinet scl non vib and pressing the keys of virtual keyboard it plays the sound correctly. The stand alone application is set to DirectSound, 44100, Out. DS SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio, In. None [D400].

    Now the part with Sonar 4... I lounch it and open a Midi File. Menu Inset, SXi Synth. EWQLSOSilver. After that I press on Synth Rack and on Properties. Now the stand alone program window appears and as before i chage a sound on channel 1 but hitting the keyboard or play the MIDI result in no sound. I try to change volume or other parameters but still no sound is coming out.

    I tryed also to change setting in Sonar under Menu Option, Audio, Advanced, Playbeck and Recording but without any results.

    Someone has someting to explane me? Thanks...

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    Angry Re: Qunatum Leap Symponic Orchestra & Sonar 4

    It's not only with you... it seems to be a bug in Sonar 4:



    As a result, I had to install Sonar 3 again
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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