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Topic: Trouble with halion3

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    Question Trouble with halion3

    I have a mac computer x.3.8 and I'm working with Cubase SL 2.2. I recently updated halion because i thought that the problem i had was going to be solve afterwards... unfortunaly it wasn't solve! Everytime i try to use halion it'll quit cubase. It doesn't even let me change VST instruments. If anybody have any idea of how can i solve this problem, could you please send me an e-mail or a post? Also i would like to know how to uninstall halion maybe if i reinstall it; it'll start working fine! Please HELP!!!

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    Re: Trouble with halion3

    Best thing is to check on the Halion forum. There are some posts there about halion 3 on the Mac.


    In particular you could try this method:

    halion is nice, but not without its drawbacks. I've become very cautious about installing it and updating, after some system instability. You might want to try it out on a "dummy" or backup system first.

    Good luck!


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    Unhappy Re: Trouble with halion3

    Thanks for the tip... but i didn't help:-( There is another person there with the same problem and no anwsers...! I try to reinstall halion and also upgrading it and nothing is still the same. I even got more RAM.. I don't know what to do anymore... Thanks a lot anyways.

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