Hey all... I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similiar to this. I recently installed and registered Komplete 2. It seemed to go fine, and all the apps seem to be working EXCEPT for the Kontakt sampler. When I open that particular app it says the serial number is wrong and that I should fix this using the registration tool. Of course, when I do that it just loads a page telling me that this version of Kontakt is part of the Komplete 2 bundle and should be registered as a bundle and not separately.
How could a bundle registration (for which there is one key authorization for every program) successfully register 10 of the apps and not Kontakt? (Even on the product upgrade page at NI it lists the upgrades for a all the applications, but the Kontakt update is not selectable because my computer has not yet registered it).
I've already e-mailed Native Instruments this morning. I hope they get back to me quickly cuz I am on a bit of a deadline and I was counting on having the sampler at my immediate disposal. I was wondering if anyone here has had a similiar experience. Though it definitely seems like there's really not much of anything that can be done on my end. Weird....
When I registered the email I received said this: "The user account is active, however the access rights regarding NI KOMPLETE 2
have not yet been added to your account."
Is that normal, or indicative of some larger problem?
Anyway, I normally wouldn't be this impatient, but....ACK!