Hi, it's time to sleep here in Italy, but the weekend is near.

Starting tomorrow evening (my time) I will prepare my first open lecture, with the language help (editing) of educated natural English speaking friends of the community.

What is IMO to learn composition for beginners and amators?

First of all to create little targets to aim: it's impossible to learn writing a symphony in one step? Yes, it is. Everybody knows it.

But it's possible to be better tomorrow than today, and repeat the miracle every day you have time to practice.

It's possible to receive little key of interpretation and understanding, that as a little flame in a gasoline tank, will automatically produce enormous energy and progress.

Last but not least is possible to learn what is quickly rewarding, and what is requesting long long time and application.
Both are immense satisfactions:
the quick, because early enjoiable, the long, because it conducts you where you never imagined arrive before.