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Topic: Round Robin doesn't work!

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    Exclamation Round Robin doesn't work!

    (I use GigaStudio 3.04.)
    I have an instrument which has two dimensions: staccato1 and staccato2. And its dimension controller is originally set to keyboard(keyswitch).

    I want to change the dimension controller from keyboard to Round Robin so that each time I hit a key, the dimension automatically changes.

    I simply opened the dimension controller window on the editor and changed the control source to round robin and saved the gig file. But even if I hit a key, the dimension wouldn't change. It doesn't seem round robin works.

    Could anyone advise me what is wrong?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Round Robin doesn't work!

    Try one of the Larry Seyer drum demos. They have round robin implemented. You might try different drums until you can hear it, then open that gig and look at how it's programmed.

    I haven't programmed any round robins, so I can't offer any direct tips.


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    Question Re: Round Robin doesn't work!

    Thanks for the reply, Jon.

    As you advised, I loaded Larry Seyer's demo drums and checked the programmings in the editor. Certainly some instruments/some regions have round robin dimensions, however it doesn't work as well! How many times I hit a key, the dimension wouldn't change. Also the same sample is kept highlighted in the wave pool while I'm hitting a key although MIDI select(jump) mode is on.

    Could anyone confirm this problem?


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    Smile Re: Round Robin doesn't work!

    Sorry, the last post was my misunderstanding.
    I confirmed round robin works properly in Larry Sreyer's drum kits.
    The problem was that I couldn't hear the diffences of sounds of those 2 dimensions and for some reasons the same sample is kept highlighted in round robin mode despite MIDI select is active.

    Now the problem is resolved.



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    Re: Round Robin Does Work

    To confirm, you are now saying "Round Robin DOES work"?

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    Re: Round Robin doesn't work!

    Yes, it works properly.

    But I still don't know why the sample of another dimension is not highlighted when it is triggered.

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