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Topic: Sampler to compliment GS

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    Sampler to compliment GS

    Your opinion appreciated on best hardware
    sampler to compliment GS? Maybe EMU? Also, forum talk indicates I will need two PC\'s. One for GS and one for sequencing,hard disk recording.
    Trying to plan budget to build studio.

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    Re: Sampler to compliment GS

    if you want to get best performance from your audio-sequencer AND GS, 2 PC´s are recommended. Then you can use the pro-software logic audio - much better and mote professional than VST, but needs also much more resources.
    With only 1 PC, LAW works with less tracks and problems may appear. Then you have to use cubase VST, which has a better audioperformance than logic but it´s not a really professional system, more like a toy to me.

    The \"best\" Hardware Sampler for all purposes is clearly the E-4 turbo or it´s smaller versions. But for creative sound design and dance the Yamaha A3000 is much better (great effects, good handling) and cheaper, but the machine is not very good for library work. GS is the best Library machine presently. AKAI S5000 doesn´t work good, OS is buggy, i tested them - forget it. But it is a good time to get a cheap and well working AKAI 3000 XL or so - great as addition to GS.

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