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Topic: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

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    Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    So whats the crack - is this thing ever coming out? Looks like hardly no one, even Max himself visits the AMP forum... This thing could be so great - so where is it?

    Anyone have any clue?


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    Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    talking with Ian and Max, it seems to be in early beta stages right now
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    Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    k, hehe... I recall it being in early beta stages a year ago

    im just quite excited about it, but there hasnet been new info the last year or so

    I really want to try this thing out with VSL as soon as possible!

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    Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    Anyone else have any news or info regarding the tool?

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    Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcussen
    Anyone else have any news or info regarding the tool?
    Hi - I posted this a few weeks back on the vsl forum but FYI:-
    "The first beta is due for release end of Feb. We have had a rethink on the interface to make it as simple as possible to use, and together with some requests sent to us that we have endeavoured to incorporate, it's all adding to the delay. An announcement was about to be made in the coming weeks, so this post couldn't have been better timed. We've also been waiting on some fixes from Steinberg to their VMA plugin code.

    The design of AMP has changed considerably since the preliminary website info. I know the description there is a little overwhelming but it really is a VERY simple straightforward tool to use, but also incredibly powerful. It sits between your sequencer and sampler - in the form of a midi-plugin (initially Steinberg VMA and Cakewalk MFX but we're working on other formats (for Mac users aswell).

    AMP has 2 modes - "Patch" mode and "Rules" mode.

    Patch mode is the simpler of the two - the concept is that you just worry about getting your notes into the sequencer, and AMP takes care of the rest for you by mapping appropriate articulations depending on what you've played. You first select all the patches your sampler is using from a drop-down list for each of 16 channels, using their familiar patch names from AMPs database


    ch1 = VI-14_stac-1+2
    ch2 = VI-14_0'3s-1+2
    ch3 = VI-14_0'5s-1+2
    ch4 = VI-14L_mV_sus

    You only have to do this once and can store it in your template.

    Then record your midi part as normal in your sequencer. When you play it back, AMP works out which notes to send to which channels, so in this example staccato notes would go to ch1, sustained notes goto ch4 and all the inbetweens etc. It also takes into account keyswitch patches (eg "VI-14_SN_all-1") so will automatically play your keyswitches for you, auto-alternation on ALT patches etc.

    Rules mode is for more advanced editing, and GS3 rather stole our thunder here with their Midi rules, but the main difference being that Amp can take into account note-length events too. We also have presets for simple patch programming like mod-wheel crossfades, eg. ch1 and ch2 you can setup various dynamics for perf-legato patches and crossfade between them. This can be real-time for most things although obviously rules using note-length parameters have to be done in playback only as we can't predict the future.

    We are also working with Sterinberg and VSL to implement Legato mode. "

    King's having a quick play with it while Max is finishing a few final bugs and we finish off the first round of library databases (VSLPro, EWQLSO and SAM) then it's going to all the beta testers - probably 2-3 weeks Max. Still waiting on Steinberg to fix the VMA code so we can get VSL performance mode working properly but we may just release it as it is and add that later as a free upgrade all going well. FYI the activation to unlock that part of the tool will be policed by VSL's site using their existing activation system.


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    Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    Alright... thanks a bunch Ian...

    Need an extra hand testing (I doubt it) then just gimme a shout.

    I have all of the above mentioned liberaries

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    Talking Re: Articulation Mapping Processor?!?!?!?

    I'm actually jsut loading it up and starting to play with it right now, I've been extrmely busy on the choir so I havent had anytime to give to this. Finalyl I'm about to lose myself in the opportunities this thing can give us.
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
    or go here...
    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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