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Topic: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

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    Question Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    I now have an oppertunity to get GS3 Orchestra for a very low price. I need a new computer to run GS3, but I won't have enough money for it for another six months or so. (I'm a teenager making $50/week)
    I'm worried that by then technology would have advanced so much that GS3 Orchestra would be opsolite and that my new system would be too good for it (due to a new standard operating systems or something like that).
    Should I go for the opertunity? Or wait and get the computer first?
    I won't disclose the price or where I found it, so don't even THINK about it!


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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    Tools will always become obsolete over time. Good deals come and go.

    The real question is if you will really make use of the tool. If the answer is "yes", then get the tool. If the answer is "no", don't.

    The exception is if you know that something big is imminent.

    Well, what could be big? Kontakt 2.0 will be released soon. My guess is that it will achieve parity in many areas, be a bit weaker in some and a bit stronger in others. The difference is that GS3 is available today and has stabilized with v3.04. K2 is vapor - for now, anyway. But once released, both will be equally viable.

    The other thing that will change is processors. Multi-core will be the next big thing, in about a year. GS3 now supports hyperthreading well. I expect that it will support multi-core as that platform becomes viable. But at starving student wages, you won't buy a top-of-the-line PC anyway. You're well over a year from getting a dual core machine at a sweet price spot. By the time dual-core gets a price drop, GS3 will likely support it and have the bugs worked out, so not much worry there.

    The next, next big thing will be 64-bits. Give it 18 to 24 months before Microsoft and Intel have their weight fully behind it. Expect GS4-64bit around then, as well as Kontakt-64. It's anybody's guess as to who will release it first and best. Some will have strong opinions, but it's all speculation.

    By that time, Tascam and NI will offer good upgrade deals to their customers, so you can't really lose.

    One thing... Make sure that copy of GS3 is on the up and up. You will need to get the reg codes from Tascam to get it to operate.

    Not that I'm making accusations. I just don't want to see you get ripped off.

    All the best in whatever you decide...


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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    GS3 already supports dual cpus (and maybe cpus >=4 ?), so dual and quad core will be easy.
    And that is a point in favour of getting Sonar4 also.

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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    I'm sorta figuring that once win64 comes out RAM and HD costs will go down, because win64 supports so much of it.
    And in two years, I would've (with my job) accumulated $5200. Imagine what kind of monster computer I could get with that!
    If I did take advantage of this oppertunity, and win64 became popular, do you think Tascam will provide upgrades?
    'cause if they do, I think I should take advantage of this oppertunity. The price could be really, really low. I'll leave it at that. I still won't tell you what it is!


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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    The upgrade cost from GS2.5 to GS3 was *very* attractive. I would expect that any future GS4 upgrade would also be pretty sweet. I doubt that they'll give it away though, and it won't be available for a good 18 months or more.

    Buy based on your goals today, or for the next few months.

    Also, you can generally get a good PC with 80% of the performance at 40% of the price of top machines. About $1k (plus soundcard) gets you a really nice, but not top of the line, Giga PC.

    Take it from experience. Once you get a critical mass of equipment (which any old sequencer, GS3 Orch, monitors and a Giga PC provide), your music will not be limited by the power of your PC.


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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    Chris, the trip about technology, it's always going to be promising some new fangled development by next year, whatever, and the reality is that processors are so advanced now, that even using the older processors, you're going to have a very powerful system, even if you're not using the latest and greatest... If you can get GS3 for a good price, NOW, now's the time, cause it might not be around at that price later, and you can be making music with it 6 months down the pike... And 6 months down the pike, machines are going to be cheaper still... If you learn to build your own computer, you can have a really great machine for cheaper still... So, don't gyp yourself now, thinking about the future... It ain't the computer, it's user...

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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    GigaStudio supports hyperthreading? Boy do I feel silly! I must have read an old tweak guide on the Tascam site . . . it said to disable hyperthreading. Are you sure? I guess I'd better go back and check.

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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    From the Tascam site:

    Hardware Compatibility
    As of version 3.04 systems with Hyper Threading enabled are compatible with GigaStudio 3.
    As of version 3.04 systems with Dual Processors are compatible with GigaStudio 3.
    As of version 3.04 systems built on AMD 64-bit processors are compatible with GigaStudio 3.
    Heh heh, any chance they just added that last night?

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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    They snuck that in while your back waas turned.


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    Re: Take advantage of oppertunity, or wait?

    Giga 3.04 is compatible with hyper-threading and dual processors but it does not use hyper-threading or dual processors! Kontakt 2 will use both hyper-threading and dual processors. With Sonar 4, Kontakt 2 is going to be much better than Kontakt 1.53.

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