I'm soon going to be throwing together a little studio for myself to do some laid back trance, ambient, etc. I've got a number of toys picked out such as:

Stylus RMX
Cameleon 5000
Absynth 3
Tracktion 2 (when it gets here)
Tons of free VSTis that you all can reccomend for me (Remember the genre)

Considering Sonic Synth 2, although I'm curious to see what others think of this product, including how much overlap it might have with Atmospheres. I REALLY like Atmospheres, but might be willing to reconsider that one.

As far as sound card, I'm thinking a Audiophile 2496.

The one thing I haven't decided on is the sampler. I have a decent collection of Spectrasonics disks from an earlier project, all in Akai format. What's the cheapest way to use them? I'm sorta toying with Kompakt, as I've seen some Kontakt libraries that look cool. Any thoughts? What about Emulator X?

Thanks for the help!!