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Topic: GPO & Finale 2005 ease of integration

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    GPO & Finale 2005 ease of integration

    I'm really hoping someone on this loop can give me some insight. Here is a little background. I am republishing some classic children's books on the great composers (www.Zeezok.com). Included in the each book is music of the composer. We have retype set all of the music in Finale 2005. To help readers of the book who are musically challenged (like me) I also desire to create a CD of the music in each book. I'm not looking for anything fancy just a nice sounding mp3 file. I can create the mp3 from Finale but it warbles on the long held notes and there are pop's and hisses in the music when played back. In my discussions with Finale they recommended GPO. I'm willing to purchase it but before I do I need to know that it will solve my problem an create files worthy to be marketed. Here are my questions:
    1) Do the Finale files import seamlessly into GPO?
    2) Will there still be the cracks, pops & warbles in the music that I'm getting now?
    3) Do I need to invest in additional hardware? I'm currently using a Dell Dimension 8400 w/ 1 gig RAM and its standard built in PCI sound card. (Some other threads that I've read refer to external boxes and midi stuff. I'm not adverse to investing in what I need I just need to know what I need.)
    4) What kind of a learning curve am I looking at? The tutorial that GPO support sent me too makes it look as simply as assigning each staff with an instrument and it's done. (It sounds too simple.)

    I have called GPO several times asking these questions and I keep getting referre to the tutorial page. For some reason I just can't get past the lady who answers the phone to someone who has actually used GPO with Finale.

    PS-I'd be happy to email someone one of the files, if somebody would be willing to create a sample mp3 from it using GPO.

    Any help/insight would be appreciated.

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    Re: GPO & Finale 2005 ease of integration


    Please call again and ask to speak with me.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO & Finale 2005 ease of integration

    I'm sure Gary can tell you all you need to know, but I can speak on Finale and GPO. They work wonderfully together because of the Human Playback feature. It is optimized for GPO's special method of dynamics and articulation. There are several Finale users on this forum who can help you including the guy that programs it.

    GPO and Finale are a very powerful combination. I am very happy with the combo. I am not a PC guy (Mac) so I can't tell you about your system, though.
    Jess Hendricks
    DMA Student and Teaching Asst in Music Theory/ Composition at the University of Miami
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