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Topic: Audition bug w/Stylus RMX & DP 4.5/PT 6.4?

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    Audition bug w/Stylus RMX & DP 4.5/PT 6.4?

    Hello all I am new to this group and hope that someone here can help me. I am running stylus RMX Version 1.2.0e which is the latest version for the Rtas plug in. I am also running DP version 4.5 under DAE(PT 6.4) as my audio engine, not MAS. Running on a Dual 2 GHz G5 version 10.3.4 with 2.5 GB SDRAM. The problem I am encountering is when I audition the elements in RMX they play back at a much slower tempo than my host Sequencer. I would guess that they always audition at about 20 BPM, which gives me no idea what the loops sound like. Has any one else experienced this problem? Every other part of the application works great. I am just unable to quickly audition the loops. Any insight would be great.

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    Re: Audition bug w/Stylus RMX & DP 4.5/PT 6.4?

    Do you really mean DP 4.5 and not 4.52? The RTAS support was rather incomplete in 4.5. It's somewhat better in 4.52.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Audition bug w/Stylus RMX & DP 4.5/PT 6.4?

    Yes, believe it or not we have had a lot of problems with 4.52. So we went back to 4.5. Do you think this may be the solution to the audition problem?
    Are you running the same system as me?

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