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Topic: Jurassic park score? ARound?

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    Jurassic park score? ARound?

    Just wondering. I've looked at some other post about John williams one of my favorite modern composers. Jurrasic park is probably my favorite of his works. Also "march of the slave children" (or something like that) in raiders of the lost ark; temple of doom. I just can't seem to find it anywhere. would love to study most of his work.

    Thanks in advance. Even "The Lord of the rings" score is quite good. who composed that? Shore I think is the last name.

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    Re: Jurassic park score? ARound?

    Yeah, Howard Shore did the Lord of the Rings stuff. I too woudl be interested in a Jurassic Park score. I absolutely love that score. Another John Williams piece that I've been searching for but have been unable to find is the Asteroid Field them from the Empire Strikes Back....

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    Re: Jurassic park score?

    Well, I'm not sure how complete their catalog is, but I'll add it to the list:




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    Re: Jurassic park score? ARound?

    John Williams: Theme from The Lost World - Deluxe Score:


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