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Topic: stylis sync BUG

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    Exclamation stylis sync BUG

    first sorry for my english.
    I have stylus rmx and sonar 4 latest updates both.
    I use stylus and all is ok,but when press play in stylus all sound ok,after few measures the loops are not in sync,some loops play a little bit late than any others...
    This problems is only when play the grooves inside rmx ,when i drop the midi files in sonar,all is in sync.

    what's wrong...?

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    Re: stylis sync BUG

    Yes, there is a timing problem in SONAR. We're working with Cakewalk to help them fix the problem. In the meantime, we're investigating workarounds we can implement in RMX for SONAR users while they're waiting for the fix.

    - Glenn

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