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Topic: section strings: Sus+short-short

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    section strings: Sus+short-short

    Within GPO player plugin, is there a way to access the sustained portion only of the Sus+short patches for section strings? I notice that cc16 = "aggressive bow noise for short bows" If I set that control value to 0, does that effectively give me what I'm describing? Or is that an additional aggressiveness applied to the already present short bow sound? And what is the default setting of the aggressive noise if no controller info is presented?

    Failing a way to do it within the GPO plugin, would full Kontakt do the trick?
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    Re: section strings: Sus+short-short


    Controller #16 only applies to the "ag" Short Bows, not the Sus+Short. Controller #16 was omitted from the Sus+Short "ag" instruments because they tended to load the processor too heavily with multiple sections playing. The "ag" Sus+Short patches are programmed to use more aggressive short bow layering, instead. By the way, the default setting for cc#16 in the aggressive short bows is "off." It does indeed add (not subtract) aggressiveness. As to the layered short bows in the Sus+Short patches: They only come into play at higher velocities. At the lowest velocities the short bow contribution is essentially non-existent. Now, if you need an even gentler attack slope than the one present in the standard Sus+Short (not the "ag" version) at low velocities then I would suggest using the older original version of the Sus+Short patches which has a slower attack than the updated version. If you are trying for a smoother legato and note-to-note transitions I would suggest experimenting with higher values of cc#21 during the legato passages to increase overlap between notes. That tends to increase the sense of smoothness. And, yes, you could tweak the attack envelopes to suit your specific needs in the full version of Kontakt.


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