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Topic: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

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    OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    Im sorry to post here, but the post I have doneon cubase.net has gotten no replys.

    To cut a long story short: All of a sudden when I load my orchetsral template, then any new midi tracks I create dont transmit midi signals. The old tracks work just fine, also if I loadup a new VSTi not part of the template. Then as long as I use one of the already established mid tracks all is well. If I open a new one - nothing...


    To make it even stranger, I only get this error when loading my template. If I start a new empty session, then new tracks work just fine

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    Re: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    I had this same problem once upon a time, there were two possible conflicts I found - one - my SoundBlaster's midi was active and kept messin' up SX and my M-Audio card - so I disabled that - and then did a restart and I was good to go.

    So, I'm not sure which of the two was the source of the problem - the Soundblaster midi - or if I just needed a restart... try the easy to do restart first and see what happens.
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    Re: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    Hi Alan..

    Yeah, I have restarted multiple times since. So its something else.

    I dont even think I have another sound card installed. I beleive the onboard one is disabled. But I'll have a look.

    Other ideas?

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    Re: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    Hi Christian, its a stab in the dark, but are you running the emulated midi drivers?
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    Re: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    Hehe nope... I have moved the port filters etc. However something strange has occured about the same time as this error began. I checked the filters and they were still in their orgiginal placement, inspite of having moved them. Its likely just dues to the cubase update, but very strange indeed.

    Anyway I shouldnt be running emulated drivers.

    I have another error aswell. When I load old projects (maybe just the one im currently working on) then I have to reselect my midi input. Funny thing is that when I look at the track it displays the correct input..but when I click it and the pop up shows the midi input isent "checked". I then have to manually check it.


    Im considering a reinstall

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    Re: OT: Cubase SX messing with me!

    try disableing all your emulated midi devices in the device manager and restart.

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