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Topic: M-Audio 1010 or 1010 Lt?

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    M-Audio 1010 or 1010 Lt?

    Anyone have experience with any of them?

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    Re: M-Audio 1010 or 1010 Lt?

    The 1010 card is the same on both of them so quality will be the same, the LT uses a fan out and is fine for fixed installation but might not travel well.
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    Re: M-Audio 1010 or 1010 Lt?

    Yes, I have a Delta 1010 and have been using it for years. I'm very happy with it. Great sound and good drivers.

    The 1010LT and 1010 are NOT the same. The LT has converters inside the cpu box which intrinsically makes them more noisy. The 1010's converters are in the breakout box which can be up to 10' away from the cpu.

    -- Martin

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    Re: M-Audio 1010 or 1010 Lt?

    I've used the 1010LT for a couple of years with no problems at all. Seemed great value to me (although I don't know what else is available now.)
    I haven't noticed any noise from the card, but Martin may be right. With my monitoring I probably wouldn't be aware of it anyway.
    The leads are fairly short so if you wanted to connect/disconnect often some extension leads would be useful.

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