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Topic: Stormdrum content question

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    Stormdrum content question

    About how much of Stormdrum is single hits and kits? I am being very much tempted by it as I'm always looking for ethnic/big percussion, but I hate having phrases/riffs/licks that are being used by other people everywhere. Case in point, even with my Stormdrum *demo* in the INTAKT sample disc, I recognize loops all the time.

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    Re: Stormdrum content question

    I would check out Culture as it sounds a little better to my ears than Stormdrum. Stormdrum seems to sound a bit darker with the hand percussion. There seems to be a lot more content with percussion in Culture and no loops. Stormdrum is half loops.

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    Re: Stormdrum content question

    Culture and SD are really different. Culture is more bread and butter percussion. SD is a little more unusual and big, filmscore stuff. SD had drumkits, electronic sounds and other wierd stuff. Culture concentrates on being the best basic percussion library. Stormdrum doesn't know what it is, but people love it. Culture has bright clean close mic'd sound. Culture is great for a very articulate solo percussion or sparse arrangement. Stormdrum has a bigger, fatter sound. It works better when you want to create a big ensemble sound, because the sounds blend well. It doesn't suffer from the phasey, clicky, cancelled sound of stacked close mic'd samples. This is because we used many mics to capture the sound of the drum from all angles.

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    Re: Stormdrum content question

    SD actually has really good kits. Very usable kicks and snares that you can mix and match too.
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