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Topic: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

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    Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    *sigh* My life will make one heck of a biography . . .

    I just got an email back from my university's music department. I asked if I could take a music class, even though I was not a music major and could not play an instrument. After all, I love music and I love composing, and I would love to learn more while I'm in college.

    To quote the response: "Most of the music classes are for music majors, and are really only suitable for people who play or sing."

    What!?! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! What about people who compose?!

    The woman did go on to say I am eligible to take those stupid music appreciation and history courses. No thank you.

    I do plan to email them back, and maybe if I'm lucky I can change somebody's mind, but . . . ugh . . . that's very annoying.

    I am very grateful to those on this forum who are willing to teach and help for free. Right now, it seems to be all I've got.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    Sean, i do agree that this is crap. Though a big thing in music departments (at least in mine) is that you do have musical ability and that you can play an instrument. Just get together some of you compositions and send them to them and tell them that you are a composer who wants to take some music classes. Stick with it. Don't let them decide who can and cannot take real music classes in college.

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    Yes, sending in samples of your compositions might help. Most university music programs require auditions to get in - that is part of why the courses are not open to the other students. For composition however, a portfolio is required. That you can do.

    Another thing, if you cannot take the course officially, look into some private lessons with one of the composition professors. After all, if you aren't getting the full degree anyhow it won't make much difference if you are enrolled in the course, or studying privately. Private lessons can be quite rewarding in fact if you find the right teacher.

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    What courses were you interested in? Did any of them actually involve playing?? I'm with the others- stay at them

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    I already emailed them a link to my music website, though I'm not sure they took any time to look and listen. I would be interested in taking more advanced music theory classes and composition classes. Perhaps I should email the specific professors instead of the general music department and try to get some special permission. As far as I know, music theory and composition do not involve playing. According to my friend who is in music theory II, it doesn't even involve sight singing.

    I know being able to play an instrument is a tremendous benefit, and I am not denying its importance, but I don't think music classes should be closed to students like me who are newer to music and have not yet gained proficiency on an instrument . . . and unfortunately the kazoo probably doesn't count.

    Thanks for the support!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    There's a good probability you're just up against a knee-jerk reaction- there probably are a lot of doofuses who try to take those courses that really would be wasting their time. If you have a chance to talk to someone in person they should see you're legit.

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    I'd also suggest stop emailing and stop sending them links. Talk face to face and have (gulp) printed out scores and a cd. It's easier to reject an email. Much harder to turn down an eager body with a portfolio in hand.

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    Yeah, I'd recommend just going in and talking to the professor. I've taken a few classes without being a music major. I talked to the professors, and they didn't have any problem with me being in their classes as long as there was enough space left in the class... in fact one (a filmscoring class) was quite happy to have me join because he was facing the possibility of not having enough students, and having the class cancelled. And, once, one of the professors told me to go ahead and just audit the class (since I wasn't concerned with credits)... it was a free class, and I got to participate just like all the other students - she graded all of my assignments and tests.

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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    That is totally rediculous Sean. In fact, in my Theory II class I am currently teaching, one of my best students is a guy who does not play anything nor does he sing. I do wonder what draws him to music theory, but his grade is currently in the mid to upper 90s, which is well above the class average.

    I know GMU has some quality professors, but I see no reason for them to be so selective in those courses.

    Can you just enroll in the class and show up?? Can you find a class at any other colleges/universities near by??

    Take care and good luck!

    Donald W. Sorah
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    Re: Argh . . . I can't take a music class?

    Sounds like its time for them to reevaluate course policies, and prerequisites. However, you are studying piano now aren't you? So, you’re not entirely without instrument knowledge or are they that narrow-minded? Couldn’t you at least prepare a suitable piece for them to hear?
    I would go to my course counselor and state my intentions face to face. Give him or her solid reasons why you desire taking the course and be persistent! I had to do the same when I decided to combine my degree for a music / theartre degree. Took some persistent meetings and talking with as many of the professors in the Arts department to get them to conceded and it paid off!
    My best wishes for you Sean!

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