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Topic: Stuck Notes GS3 new install

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    Question Stuck Notes GS3 new install

    Hey Everyone,

    I just installed GS3 on my old GS2.54 computer, and I'm experiencing a lot of stuck midi notes, even with only 5 to 6 tracks playing.
    Using the same interfaces, etc.-only GS3 is new.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    P4 2.4Ghz 2gig ram Micro Express MOTU Midi interface
    Wavecenter PCI audio card XP service pack 1

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    Re: Stuck Notes GS3 new install

    Update to v3.04. The stuck notes problem has been solved in that release.


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    Question Re: Stuck Notes GS3 new install

    Hey Jon,

    I am on 3.0.4.


    Mr. A.

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    Re: Stuck Notes GS3 new install

    Try using the MIDI ports on your Wavecenter instead of the MicroExpress. This solved my stuck-note problem completely. I've had nothing but problems with USB MIDI on Wintel.

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    Re: Stuck Notes GS3 new install

    I've also had stuck note problems with GS 3.04 using a MOTU Express XT USB interface. However, I have no stuck note problems when I use the midiport built into the Evolution UC-33e which is also a USB device.

    The MOTU Express XT works fine with Cubase SX and with GS 2.5 but not with GS 3 (at least not on my 1.8G P4 PC).

    So you may want to try a different USB midi device to see if it solves your stuck note problem.

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