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Topic: Drum Midi Files

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    Drum Midi Files


    Can anyone recommend any sites where I can download GM drum midi files?

    Any help appreciated.



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    Re: Drum Midi Files

    Three that come to mid immediately (reasonably priced, but not free) are:
    -Twiddly Bits (also guitar riffs and more) from www.keyfax.com
    -Drumtrax library - www.drumtrax.com
    -Wide range of styles from www.groovemonkee.com (They also have lots of free downloads)

    These are all unquantised and have great natural feel.

    If anyone knows a source of traditional ethnic midi grooves, I would be interested to hear. Some of the above vendors have world categories, but they are more contemporary oriented world or latin-style.

    I hope this helps

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