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Topic: Miroslav's Orchestral collection ?

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    Miroslav's Orchestral collection ?

    I was just wondering how miroslav's orchestral collection compares to the other elite collections ?

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    Re: Miroslav's Orchestral collection ?

    There are still some great samples in the collection. The solo trumpet, oboe and piccolo in particular. Some of the strings also have a nice character. It does not compete with the current libraries and overall is very pastoral not epic in sound. I have the old AKAI version but remember reading the library was being reprogrammed as a virtual instrument at a more reasonable price.


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    Re: Miroslav's Orchestral collection ?

    Here's a thread from a couple months back that has a good discussion of it:

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    Re: Miroslav's Orchestral collection ?

    I really like the Miroslav cello as well, very expressive on the short notes
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