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Topic: Giga 3 performances taking 3 minutes to save.

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    Angry Giga 3 performances taking 3 minutes to save.

    I went from Gigastudio 160 to Giga 3, and after the usual quirks that occur when upgrading were hammered out; I encountered the ultimate creativity-squasher. 2 to 3 minute (save times). Even for an empty performance file. What's that you say : Any error messages ? .... of course not. Those might give me a clue as to what's going on, we can't have any of those. No, no,no.. Omniscience is what Tascam calls for - Because, true to my middle name, Giga techs say : We've never heard of that happening. It's-just-you. Enough sarcasm. Here's the traits. Inside of that 3 minute black-hole of time while Giga 3 is saving; my CPU light is not registering any activity. Other programs such as SONAR', Sound Forge' & Windows', are fully functional. Giga 3 however is completely stressed-out (evidentally) saving that empty file. It will not allow me to do anything Gigastudio-related inside of that time. I have moved my Performances' file to other hard drives and followed that with another Instrument QuickSound rebuild with no change in the problem. West LA Music recommended I disable my Adaptec SCSI drive since I no longer use it. After that didn't fix it, I tried to enable the SCSI again and now this crashes my PC every time I try to enable it. Ohh, and since Giga techs' told me to convert all my samples to Giga 3 format, I can't use Giga 160. SO I CAN"T EVEN GO BACK ! Luke... you must unlearn... what you have learned... patience.

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    Re: Giga 3 performances taking 3 minutes to save.


    i had a bad problem with long boot-ups, saves & shutdowns a few months ago. here's what I found/did....may help you...

    """In addition to the really slow boot up times - 5 min avg. in my case - I had noticed that open folders (and sub folders) in Quicksound's "Folder Tree View" window - the one on the far left of QuickSound's windows - were *very* slow to close. So yesterday I had a performance up and decided to close all of those folders & subs, so that I was only seeing the root drives (C:\xxx, E:\xxx, F:\xxx, etc.) Once they finally did close - about 3-4 minutes - I saved that performance and noticed that it saved *much* quicker than it had been doing. When I came back later (after a restart) and reopened that performance, it booted in just over a minute! So, I shut down GS3, and rebooted the app and - sure 'nuff - it was up and ready in about 70 seconds! """
    Mac G5 DP 2.3, Os 10.4.11, 4 Gig RAM running DigiPerf 5.13, PTools LE 7.4, Sibelius 5, Finale 2008,
    P4 1.7 Gig, XP SP2, 2 Gig RAM,running GigaStudio 3.2,
    3 x 20" LCDs, 2 x MOTU MTP AVs, Digi 002r
    Kurz K2000r, Roland XV-3080, Emu Pro II, Kurz PC2r, Alesis DM-Pro, Kurz Midiboard

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    Re: Giga 3 performances taking 3 minutes to save.

    Sounds like the folders, extra searching, might be your problem.

    You can save gs 2.5 format from the gs3 editor, if you need to, btw.

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