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Topic: Midi Learn Function...?

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    Midi Learn Function...?

    I remember I was using a midi learn function a few months ago, but I don't remember how or in which program(s). I would do something on the computer, then twist a knob on my controller and automatically have a knob programmed to a function in the software? Can anyone remind if these programs have midi learn functions and where they are located (how to implement)? Thank you!

    Garritan GPO Kontakt Player?
    EW Kompakt Player?
    Kontakt 1.5.3?
    Cubase SX2?
    Sibelius 3?

    Again, thank you.

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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    Kontakt certainly does. Cubase might. AFAIK Kompakt doesn't. Not sure about the others.

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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    Never even heard of this concept ... so thanks for introducing us to it. I found an article from 2002 here: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Mar0...ontrol0302.asp

    Anyone else have any comments, suggestions?


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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    My first experience of it was Stylus RMX. I immediately programmed the sliders of my controller keyboard and am now thinking about getting a dedicated MIDI controller.


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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    Gigastudio 3 has it -- to assign midi controllers to an interface control parameter.

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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    All RGC synths have it with all parameters (I believe). Its great.

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    Re: Midi Learn Function...?

    Available in FL Studio for all parameters. Link to controller....Auto-detect.

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