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Topic: OT: My Creative Process Mess

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    OT: My Creative Process Mess

    Hey everyone,

    Can anyone tell me why my creative process has to be so freakin' messy?!! My house can be completely spotless when I begin a project in the morning. By the time I'm done for the day, even thoughI rarely get up from my computer, my house, especially my desk, is always trashed. Man, I don't see how my wife puts up with it!

    Oh well. Does this happen to anyone else? Just curious.


    OK, now I have to clean this mess up!!
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    Re: OT: My Creative Process Mess

    I know a number of authors who have been threatened with divorce if they did not "clean up their act" during creative periods.

    One (Orson Scott Card) apparently built a wing onto his home with a long hallway to get to it -- and no one goes down the hallway unless there is a scheduled event he set --- or a real emergencyh. I do not know if he is messy -- I do know thaty if he is interrrupted in process -- it may take him weeks -- or months to get back into the mental space for that project's process.

    BTW -- I took the divorce option.

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    Re: OT: My Creative Process Mess

    Lol! Well, everyone has their own approach, I guess.

    And in my view, whatever *works* -- that's the way that's right for you.

    Personally, I tend to be quite orderly. I simply cannot write amid clutter or disarray. But then, I'm a "straight to paper" writer. I don't even own a keyboard, nor do I generally actually listen to a score aloud while I am writing it (though I most certainly do revisions, often quite extensive, after a first hearing).

    I could be wrong, but I think perhaps most composers work more from a keyboard -- or at least, listening to the score as they write it, interacting with the composition aurally as they develop it. To me, that inherently more physical approach would seem to imply messing up your environment a little while you do it... lol.

    Whatever the case, it's the quality of the end product that counts, not your housekeeping habits while you're creating it.

    And as for the occasional spouse who has no tolerance for a bit of a mess, well, what can I say; some people just have no sense of humor.


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