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Topic: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

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    From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    A friend of mine wants to dump the Gigastation (an unsupported Egosys product) for the Audiophile 24/96 but is having a problem I don't know how to deal with.

    He says the pitch of the resulting audio is off when compared to the Gigastation. Has anyone had this problem before? I really don't know how to address it. He's looked at the buffers, bit rate, routing, etc. None of those seem to help the audio when using the Audiophile. He says the resulting audio is almost a perfect semitone lower than what was coming from the Gigastation.

    Any ideas? HELP!!!

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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    So, no one has had this problem? Can anyone here verify the pitch of a sample? I have an Audiophile as well and now we're wondering if mine is right too.

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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    Let him make sure that the sample rate settings are the same with GS3 and the Delta control panel, and in his sequencer as well. I've used an Audiophile for a while, and I haven't discovered that problem. I recently had something like this with my Tascam FW1884 though. I corrected the sample rate and buffer settings in Cubase SX and all pitches were equal again.

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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    Well he's using a little known program called Voyetra's Record Producer Deluxe. So he's in the minority here. I'm not very familiar with it and the online manual is almost non-existant when it covers these facets of audio production. There's a chance that the problem could reside here, but I've ruled out the chance of it being a sample rate conflict between the sound card and Gigastudio. The biggest problem I'm facing is this:

    What if he finds out that he was creating music at the wrong pitch the whole time while he used the Gigastation? That's pretty serious since the songs he made are never going to sound right to him since he's adjusted to that pitch. I'm hoping this isn't the case, but you never know. The Gigastation was one piece of junk from the get-go and has been nothing but trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if he's been hearing things wrong from the time we installed that piece of garbage.

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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    That's most definitely a sample rate issue as the "almost perfect semitone" is what you get when mixing 44.1 and 48 kHz... Regarding the GigaStation cards I would definitely agree they are not at all that great as they are noisy and not too well sounding. Driver-wise they have always been absolutely rock solid to me. I had two of them and one is still used in my live rig.


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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    Thanks for the information Mattias. I'll delve into it further when I get home and can give him a call.

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    Re: From Gigastation to Audiophile...

    Well our worst fear was realized. He's been making songs for 3 years at the wrong pitch. The Gigastation was off. Now all his songs (upwards of 1 thousand) have to be adjusted by one semitone. The problem with that is some of the instruments don't go a semitone higher. The percussion will always sound different to him, until he adjusts.

    The worst part of it is, is that where he thought the pitches were on the keyboard, they no longer match up. Too bad he learned his pitches as he went along. Now he has to relearn the mapping.

    The only positive here is that he says everything sounds so much cleaner and livelier. Too bad he also says, everything drags along and is not as 'snappy' as it used to be. This has to be another artifact of the sample rate difference. Must be some kind of pseudo pitch/time stretch due to the sample rate difference.

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