Well, I thought I'd drop by and comment on the Euphonium.

Wow, this is such a wonderful little tuba-like instrument. Listening to some proper samples of it really took my breath away.

I listened to this tune through my heavy reference Koss Pro4AAT headphones, and I was overridden by that nice feeling you get when you listen to your favourite songs.

Euphonium Sample - Gelato con Cafe

Totally blew me away.

I love the Euphonium. I wonder how detailed the Euphonium samples will be in GPO Advanced/Big Band? Will there be a choice of Vibrato and Non-Vibrato sustains? Will there be Staccatos? And soft/medium/hard velocity layers?

This is one instrument that has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. I hear there is physical modelling in the pipeline for brass/reed instruments, I've been looking at Tassman but the lack of realistic brass/reed-centric examples really held me back.

I honestly think PM is really the logical way to go with brass/reed/wind instruments and instruments like bowed strings and electric guitars and monophonic instruments. Nothing really comes to close to the actual reality and expressiveness of PM.

We have physically modelled electric pianos like Rhodes and Wurlitzer, and we have physically modelled acoustic guitars, flutes, and percussion and probably a few other things that I have yet to discover.

Where's the brass and reed instruments? Nowhere to be seen...except on the Yamaha VL hardware

Maybe the patents taken out by Yamaha in relation to their VL synthesis technology have seriously far-reaching implications. That patent is a bit too rough to be honest. I mean patenting the VL hardware chip is okay and good, but interfering with software? Get real! I often wonder if the guy behind Tassman lost control of his bowels at the mere thought of Yamaha crushing him like a black ant under their tippy toes if he dared to venture into brass/reed modelling? Hmmm. Now I can see why there is no realistic modelled brass/reed instruments.

Surely somebody is behind this, Tassman is sorely lacking realistic reed/brass activator/valve/resonator/conical bore models and this synth has gone through, what, 4 revisions now? Speaking of conspiracy theories, I'm taking a stab in the dark but I think my theory is probably right on bullseye, and I must say I'm mighty good at darts, been playing at it for years

Ah well, back to ye olde drawing boarde.

Still, the Euphonium is one awesome brass instrument! Bravo the Euphonium!