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Topic: Jazz vocalizing.

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    Cool Jazz vocalizing.

    We have all heard the vocal term "Scat" but have you ever heard the jazz vocal term "Mumbles"? Listening to the Canadian jazz station everyday now, I heard the term "Mumbles" referring to vocalizing by "mumbling" words, sounds, or what have you. Ever heard the term or a jazz piece like this? It sounds like someone singing a song while having a mouthful of mashed potatoes or something at the same time. It was actually pretty cool sounding and hilarious as well!
    Just askingskidamoblelyahdowadoweebeonourway!

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    Re: Jazz vocalizing.

    Jazz trumpeter Clark Terry. He did an album, possibly more than one, where he featured himself scat singing in this original technique. AFAIF, he's the only one to do this. It was meant to be humorous.
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    Re: Jazz vocalizing.

    Quincy Jones wrote a tune called Hinky-Burr for the original Bill Cosby show. It's a funk tune, but it features the Coz doing a mumble solo!! Pretty cool.

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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