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Topic: Opinions on Vapor?

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    Opinions on Vapor?


    Anyone own this? What are your general impressions of it?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Opinions on Vapor?

    I like it for pads and a new age synth sound: it is awesome for the price......it is very editable and your can create multi's endlessly.....and then if you have Kontakt you can layer the sounds with other samples....I find it complementary to Morphology......and helps expand the mileage of both....also another complementary virtual synth is coming out called Analogut Sequence Loops by Ian Body (sounds on line)....( I also have Atmosphere)

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    Re: Opinions on Vapor?

    I understand that Atmosphere is mostly pads, and Vapor has more basses/leads and things like that? I assume with Vapor you can also heavily tweak the preset sounds, or maybe create your own?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Opinions on Vapor?

    Vapor is a great tool for the price. If you have Kontakt, you will find it even better. It actually has quite a few uses. I find that I do not use the leads and basses as much as the pads sounds, because, once again, with Kontakt, you can program these pads that morph over 30 seconds of time, it really is quite a nice tool, it is a CPU hog though, but all the sounds are, especially the pads, are nice and full, a very good round shape too. You can HEAVILY tweak the sounds.


    If you have any more questions just ask!

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    Re: Opinions on Vapor?

    I like Vapor a lot. It has a certain 'warmth' and quality to the sounds that I like even better than say Morphology. I think it is a very good value at the going street price and even moreso if you can get it on sale.

    I also agree with what was said about playing with it in Kontakt.

    I also have Altered States, and when you combine elements from Vapor, Morphology, AS and others, you can get some interesting things happening.

    But Vapor is quite a lot of fun even on its own.

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    Thumbs up Re: Opinions on Vapor?

    I really like vapor the sound possibilities are very cool,i have had only 5 days but the stock sounds are very evolving,there is a great review in Sound on Sound(current issue)that prompted me to buy...........with special that just ended@soundsonline it cost $90,quite a good deal w/ the quality and quantity of very nice sounds

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