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Topic: Maidin Ró-mhoch

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    Maidin Ró-mhoch

    this is a rework of the air i put up for St. Pat's with its gaelic title
    pron maw-jeen roe vok
    or the early morning


    hope you like it.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    hey thats weird, in dublin we pronounce maidin "modge-in" or "modge-een".

    and ailteoir i think i like this reworknig better
    ""A woman should dress to attract attention. To attract the most attention, a woman should be either nude, or wearing something as expensive as getting her nude is going to be." -- P.J. O'Rourke

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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    i guess my phonetic spelling's not that good but that's the sound i was trying to emulate i think our short "o" is a wee bit different but not much.

    anyway thanks for giving it a listen. and i'm glad you liked it.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    Didn't get a chance to listent to this the first time -- glad you reposted.

    Very nice work! (I'm Irish, you know.) Some fine control over subtleties, where a less skilled hand could readily have overdone.

    Thank you! I enjoyed listening to this!


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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    thanks david
    sorry i haven't replied earlier but the day job has been very busy the last while.
    so another pat.
    i feel flattered by your comments, i've been listening to your piece. Catherine in Winter,and i was very impressed.
    i would have commented but i felt that the only comments i could make would sound banal in comparison to the analyses and suggestions offered by others who are far more experienced or talented than i am.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    Welcome -- and also thanks!

    Please *do* comment if you have a mind to! I'd consider it a favor.

    I am very, very, very interested to hear critical evaluations about the sound, particularly, as I am very new to this.

    To me, it is important to get the opinions of as many "ears" as possible.

    You see, like many here, not only am I new to the technology, I am also a bit older (53). By that age, it is natural and normal to lose some high-end response in your hearing, as well as some of the transient acuity.

    So, each comment, more the merrier, helps me to "calibrate" my ear.


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    Re: Maidin Ró-mhoch

    Very nice!

    I could see the sun rising and splashing the gently rolling hills of the Irish countryside with its golden streams.

    I love Irish music!


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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