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Topic: GS3 Updates -WAY TO HELL !

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    GS3 Updates -WAY TO HELL !

    3.02, 3.03, 3.04

    Each update broght some new problem in my case, now i returned to initial version. It has some glitches and minor functionality problems, but seems to work relatively stable.
    Hyperthreading off or on did not make any change (although Tascam advices to turn it off) in 3.00, but is allowed in 3.04.
    It is really interesting how GS3 is unpredictable in every respect and although I like the idea, interface and overall quality of samples, I give up and will wait after Tascam put more forces to develop it.
    In same time it works fine as stand-alone application on dedicated PC, what I do not want to understand, as many other applications co-exist very well in my carefully assembled audio PC.
    Advertised as industry standard? Hans Zimmer? Don't make me laugh.


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    Re: GS3 Updates -WAY TO HELL !

    Your situation is unfortunate. I have performed every update without any problems, and I have "everything under the sun" loaded on my computer.

    Regarding "industry standard", it really is. Unfortunately, "power users" create multiple dedicated GS computers

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    Re: GS3 Updates -WAY TO HELL !

    I hear ya guy. I went from Giga 160 with only one minor DSP Chorus buzzing problem, (easy temporary fix) to GS3 which takes my same computer 2 minutes and 47 seconds to save the most basic performance. Giga techs have never heard of my same problem. By-the-way, no error messages. Just save file and go fix yourself a sandwich or somethin...

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    Re: GS3 Updates -WAY TO HELL !

    Sometimes the problems are with the maintenance of the operating system, hard drives, failed memory...

    Here are some scary examples people are not aware of:

    • windows registry may have a lot of garbage in it from instaling/removing apps
    • windows registry may be heavilly fragmented
    • hard drives may be failing, surface scan should be done once or twice a year
    • when you purchase memory, don't take it from people who take it out of some plastic box and they toss it in their fingers without having ground wrist strap or they don't keep the memory in electrostatic bags
    • using your audio PC for things other than audio is a bad idea (makes maintenance very hard)

    The list can go on, and on, ....

    Gigastudio and similar audio software will be very sensitive to instabilities and incompatibilities within your system. (not to mention so much overhead that Windows OS brings unless you did some tweaking on it)

    So far I was extremely happy with GS 3.0. It works on my old AMD 1.4GHz system with 7200RPM WD drives without any problems. I can't get much out of gigapulse yet due to a slow CPU, but other than that it rocks! I can easily achieve up to 80-100 notes without a glitch. (3GB RAM was helping too)

    Problems I had so far were bad digital cables and faulty HW audio interface. Nothing that would require calling TASCAM.

    Having said all this, I guess tomorrow things will crash and get me a nice big blue screen

    Good luck!

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