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Topic: A Comprehensive Sax Library?

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    Question A Comprehensive Sax Library?

    All this brouhaha about needing Saxophones NOW has prompted me to ask Mr. Garritan when the heck is he going to release his Lawrence Welk champagne band comprehensive sax library?
    I've been writing Polkas for several months for Mr. Yahshew Berning Shorts. His new up and coming film documentary of the life of the saxophone section from Mr. Lawrence Welks band promises to be a hit seller in the Polka community. I was going to post a demo but don't have any Saxes! So, all I can do is list some of the tittles.

    Who Stole My Peashooter
    She's May Be To Fat For You But She's All Bootie to Me!
    What's this Thing Called, Love?
    Yashew wore Green and It Wasn't Even St Patty's Day!
    Throw The Baby Out The Window, A Cookie!
    I Gave You My Beer and You Paid Me Back With A Watchamacallit!
    Throw GrandPa Down The Stairs A Beer!
    Dat's a Dollar Tree eighdy!
    And Den Wat?
    Trow Mamma Out The Door a Purse!
    Where's Da Garagekey?

    So you can see where a comprehensive Sax library is much over due here.
    Sorry Mr. Garritan, I just had to do this.

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    Re: A Comprehensive Sax Library?

    Someday I'll log on and Styxx will have started a thread like "Is there a labour cris in America today?, or "Geopolitical diversity in a changing world - what's your opinion?".

    .. and hopefully that day will never come
    ""A woman should dress to attract attention. To attract the most attention, a woman should be either nude, or wearing something as expensive as getting her nude is going to be." -- P.J. O'Rourke

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    Re: A Comprehensive Sax Library?

    When it comes to polkas, I'd love to do a GPO rendition of my own personal favorite...

    "I Looka For Her In The Oom-Pah Room, And There She Is, Gone"

    Alas, this too requires a saxophone part, to counterpoint the deep and mournful sadness of the vocalist...


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