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Topic: Too tired to compose?

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    Too tired to compose?

    I seem to have a problem. Whenever I'm a bit tired and I try to practice the keyboard or compose, I get lulled into being even more fatigued and cannot concentrate (although sometimes I can come up with really good themes this way, I just have to record them or else I'll forget). This is bad, because it's in the middle of the afternoon, I have lots of free time, and I can't spend any of it on music because I get lulled away to dreamland. Anybody else run into this problem a lot?
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    I sometimes do, but I don't get it as bad as you, it seems, and I come up with really crappy themes when I'm tired, so it doesn't matter anyway.
    Except for that one time........
    I'm still trying to remember that one.
    How much sleep do you get a night? I try to get at the very least eight hours, but I'm a teenager, so I probably need more sleep than you. Another thing that you could do to give you more energy is have a good balanced diet. I found that protein drinks REALLY help in energy (I know, they don't taste that good), but I get this really weird allergic reaction to them, so I have since stopped drinking them.
    If all else fails, just get a cheezy tape recorder and record yourself playing. You don't really need a MIDI recording or a score to remember an idea. Or at least I don't.

    Now how did that one idea go?
    It was for a violin concerto and I thought of it in the middle of church last week. It could have been a great peice!

    Good luck,

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    Let the compute compose !

    I have put my computer to compose. I just select a picture,.
    perhaps change some default parameters and after 5
    seconds I can listen to the result:


    If I am not happy with the result, I just change some paremeters...

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    Cool Re: Too tired to compose?

    Hi Sean,
    Yeah i know what You mean... just imagine.... You start Your day work at 8am (like I do) and You program in PHP/SQL/JS with some break for breakfast and dinner up till 22:00 ...
    Believe me... i don't even have the "want" to open cubase after all that....
    And my eyes hurt too... good that i've switched my CRT for LCD.

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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    Sorry, o/t but Luk, did you get the link for the song I sent you with P6??

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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    Sorry, o/t but Luk, did you get the link for the song I sent you with P6??
    Nope, I'm still waiting for the *things* we've talked about.

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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    Moreso, sometimes I just get in a mood that my internal filter insists that everything I'm coming up with is hackneyed and cliched!

    - m
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    Re: Too tired to compose?


    If you are finding yourself getting fatigued in the afternoon, maybe you're not getting enough sleep. Or it could be your diet. Some foods give us energy, others take it away. You're too young to be tired during the day. Change your lifestyle in some way, bet that helps.


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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    You are in college. no time for sleep. You will now be tired until you graduate.

    Now... back to practicing, studying, composing, and the other things people do there.
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: Too tired to compose?

    It could be your internal body clock. My chiropractor often talks about how we're all wired differently and some of us are just better able to work late into the night or early in the morning instead of at 4pm. She reckons its because we (obviously) didn't always keep western office hours when we were hunter-gatherers and many of our ancestors probably tracked their prey at night. Some of us have inherited that timeclock.

    I'm just the same - 2pm till 5 pm is a bad time for working. I feel less mentally alert and the need to doze is pretty acute sometimes. So, unless there's a pressing deadline that needs to be met in the afternoon, I just siesta and do it when my mind feels much fresher later in the evening.
    Trev Parks

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