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Topic: Video files on you audio demo

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    Video files on your audio demo

    Greetings! Here's a question for all you experienced game audio gurus...

    When sending out a CD-R demo to potential clients/employers, what format do you use for video files? Ideally I'd like to use a format that would run on most PCs and most Macs. Any suggestions or experience in this area?



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    Re: Video files on you audio demo

    Generally an AVI file should be readable by just about anyone. DivX encoding has become fairly pervasive too, so a DivX encoded AVI should give you a compact enough file as well.

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    Re: Video files on you audio demo

    I think you'd very rarely have to worry about Macs as developers build content for PC, Xbox and PS2 for the most part.

    Seeing as they are effectively a software development company they should be able to play back just about anything you give them.

    AVI, MPG or even WMV is probably a safe bet though.
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    Re: Video files on you audio demo

    Of course all the XBox2 development kits are PowerMacs...:P

    I'd say that MPG is probably the best choice as it can easily be decoded by WMP and Quicktime with no addins. WMV requires a software download on Macs - as does AVI. PCs typically don't have Quicktime installed by default (although I personally think MOV is one of the better formats available). All told, I think MPG is the most widely accepted without additional software needed.

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    Question Re: Video files on you audio demo

    Is there a way to make MPEG with 44Khz 16bit Stereo sound using free Tools on PC?

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