However, I suspect the culprit is not my linkage or any such simple solution as a mechanical malady, or something like that.. despite the worn hardware of my mechanical sustain pedal...etc..
I either get no sustain whatsoever, while pumping frantically, whereupon I suddenly am getting full the tunnel of hallways and corridoors with long long reverb chamber sounds ,full ,and rolling infinitely... with all of my chords of the song ringing out loudly at the same time.......

This, is while using either one of the two options allowing for sustain,
and something is oughta-whack most definitely about the way I am applying this software to the hardware or flamadiddle or something about which i am still yet unsavvy-ized..

I am like 52 and sort of frantically trying to compose my "CD".. or "LP"... or actually i wanna do a dvd rather than a music cd.. regardless of however "cheesy my debut videos may be... the music will be the main focus, but some imagery to go with the music is what i want to hold out for... a simple video style to accompany my songs and give the consumer maximum value in purchasing my product ...( My vision) for release while I have off-time from my life of construction-work I love so...(ha ha)and await my disablity hearing and get paid after 2-3 years of waiting to get my just entitlement from ss on my ruptured disks /spine complications which made my work stoppage take place
Wuss-man that I am.. I had chose to day job rather than tour the top-forty circuit pursuing my musical dream in my head mostly for two decades of blissful marriage and parenthood( genuine wealth) seeing all my musician peers with their divorces and kids at someone else's house... I am just too sentimental to not be a home body from hell, but I do "got the music in me", though.. and I think I can get it "out" in a proper fashion....!

But I am all alone for the time being, right now ....and most assuredly.... slow is, as slow does.... lemme tell you..... but I can't blame the bridge on the "drummer" and his "lip" doesn't reach my ears... sweet!

sticky sustain pedal function .....what causes it?

I get a perfectly executed program two or three pumps with sustain...... and two or three pumps later i am still pumping to try and put an end to the reverbial resounding of my song's chords... all together ringing inanely until the switch goes to the other position for several clicks and then back again

I had though maybe i should close the instance of GPO out and refresh start it.. to initialize "new" settings.. but no cigar... unfortunately....
anyone got any ideas?