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Topic: Use GPO on more than one computer?

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    Use GPO on more than one computer?


    (Sorry if this has been covered before)

    I've been using GPO on my desktop at home for about 4 months - it's fantastic! However, I'm spending more and more time away from home and could really use GPO on my laptop as well. I am allowed to install GPO on both computers at the same time? Or is that not allowed?!




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    Re: Use GPO on more than one computer?

    It has been covered before, and the answer it yes, you can have two licences authorised at the NI site. Just install and re-do the authorisation process on your laptop at the NI site. I think there is an option to 'authorise from another computer' if your laptop doesn't have internet access - but I may be thinking of the Kontakt sampler rather than player.

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