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Topic: Good Thunder samples????

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    Exclamation Good Thunder samples????

    Greetings everyone, i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a very good sounding thunder sample, and possibly rain. I see this listed in a few libraries, but haven't really heard any demos or samples.

    Any recommendations??

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    Re: Good Thunder samples????

    I use audiolicense.net for a lot of SFX stuff. You can browse and preview sounds and order and download them online. Quick, easy and not too expensive. Plus you get only the sounds you need instead of a whole disc full of FX you may never need...


    There are lots of thunder FX here.

    Cheers, good luck!

    EDIT: The previews are low quality streams - I've found the actual samples (the ones you download) from these guys are great quality.

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    Re: Good Thunder samples????

    if you like a real, monophonic mp3 and home-recorded one, go to my site:


    go to the "maze EP" section (look at the menu at the left)
    and download track 1 (ghost track).

    it was recorded during a rainstorm!

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    Re: Good Thunder samples????


    This may or may not be what you are looking for but I have this efx library and the samples are quite impressive.


    Good luck.

    Mark Dalzell / AudioScapes

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    Re: Good Thunder samples????

    The old 12-bit Roland samplers (S-50, etc.) had killer rain/thunder samples. Got one lying around??

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