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Topic: Question Re: Midi Over LAN

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    Smile Question Re: Midi Over LAN

    I have 2 computers - one has ProTools and the other has GS3. I plan to use a (mixer) midi controller for PT which will use the 001 midi i/o, and unless someone says otherwise, a usb midi keyboard. I need to send the midi out to my GS3 system which has a GSIF2 card (Layla3G). Question is, if I elect to use MOL, will I still get all the benefits of GSIF2? (The high speed, low latency, etc.) If not, I'll just add more midi i/o to my PT machine.

    I know I wouldn't get all of the GSIF2 benefits if I used a seperate midi and audio cards, just wondering how it applies with MOL.

    Another question - does MOL carry midi and audio data, or just midi. I know it says "MIDI" over LAN, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Question Re: Midi Over LAN

    MOL doesn't support low latency GSIF2, but I've found its latency to be quite acceptable. (I don't have any hard numbers.) And you're right, it's MIDI only (no audio).

    Check out http://www.fx-max.com if you're considering audio networking solutions.


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    Re: Question Re: Midi Over LAN

    Thanks for the tip on FX MAX. It looks interesting although there's no CP yet. I've been doing a lot of CP/MOL installations and everybody that's recieved that upgrade is overjoyed to throw out their MOTU MIDI devices. I'd advise folks to look ahead, get on a LAN based system and get rid of those time wasting monsters while there's still a market. Cheers, jc

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